Here you'll find the answers on frequently asked questions and conditions about using my rap beats.

1. I'd like to use your beat from YouTube. How can I use it?

All of my beats from YouTube can be used as free for non profit / non commercial use, or you can get a lease licenses to beats which are intended for this (You'll find the link under the video).

That means:
You can make a free track on my tagged beat (with voice tag on the start) and promote yourself for example by adding your track to listening on SoundCloud or video on YouTube, or
You can get the lease license to this beat. Then you'll receive untagged beat (without a voice tag), and you'll be able to sell your track by yourself on my beat (digitally, or physically on CD) with limitations described in the license file.

IMPORTANT! Don't register this beat in any platforms with copyright / content id distributor like a RouteNote, CD Baby, Tune Core or any labels. This is prohibited! More informations about that is written below in the point 4. Lease Licenses.

2. I've made a free track on your beat and received a copyright claim under my video. Why do you block my video?

I don't block your video. My beats are registered in content id system (are copyrighted as my creation). My CID system is sending a copyright claims automatically, after he finds a video with my creation. It will not blocks your video for promote yourself. Your video can be still public and people can watch it, but you'll be not able to monetize it. Content id system blocks monetization (earnings from ads), so your video will not make a money for you. Promotion is your profit here. You can get fans (subscribers) on your channel and get famous.

3. YouTube removed my video. Why?

YouTube has his own policy. If somebodie's channel will receive a lot of copyright claims on videos, then YouTube treat it like a spam, and this is the answer. I don't remove your video, my system blocks only earnings from ads, and that's all.

4. Lease Licenses.

You can get a two types of licenses to my beats from YouTube:

Lease MP3 - one untagged file with the beat (320 KBPS).
Premium Lease WAV - one high quality untagged file with the beat.

Details about license terms you can read here: License Terms!

More about licenses and beats intended for that you'll find here: Lease Beats!

READ! This beats are not intended for big releases in the big labels! They are mainly for presenting my skills to the world. If you have a very serious aspirations or you are a big artist and want to release it in big label, then you need to order a special, unique beat for exclusive rights!

Content ID / Registering track information:

The Licensee can't register the beat and/or new song with any Content Identification System, Service Provider, Music Distributor, Record Label or Digital Aggregator (for example RouteNote, Tune Core or CD Baby, and any other provider of user-generated content identification services). The purpose of this restriction is to prevent you from receiving a copyright infringement takedown notice from a third party who also received a non-exclusive license to use the Beat in a New Song. The Beat has already been registered for Content Identification by Producer as a pre-emptive measure to protect all interested parties in the New Song. If you do not adhere to this policy, you are in violation of the terms of this License and your license to use the Beat and/or New Song may be revoked without notice or compensation to you.

Only exclusive beats can be registered by you in the label or any other distributor, because it will be only for your own.

5. I want track out stems! Why you don't sell the lease licenses with track out stems?

I decided to resign from this type of license for my beats from YouTube due a lot of people was stealing my samples and remaking my beats. Then they was trying to copyright my creation by themself.

" - But other producers sell theirs beats from YouTube like that!"

I'm not the other producers! I'm just me. :)

6. I want to buy exclusive rights to your beat from YouTube!

Example Conversation:

Customer: " - I want your beat! I want to buy exclusive rights!"
Me: " - All of my beats from YouTube are not for exclusive sale. It's written in the descriptions under my videos."
Customer: " - But I've spent a lot of money on video production, I'll release it on a big label! I paid the label for release my song!"
Me: " - But you didn't asked me about that bro. Everything is clearly written in the descriptions and the licenses. Read this carefully before you use my beats."
Customer: " - But I'll pay you. Tell me how much?"
Me: " - Not everything is for sale bro."
Customer: " - I'll pay you 200$! It's ok?"
Me: " - I told you what I wanted to say about it bro. Don't ask me again!"

For exclusive rights I create a unique beats for your special order.

7. I want to order an exclusive beat.

If you want to order a special, exclusive beat for yourself, or start more serious, bigger cooperation, contact me and tell me more about your offer. With exclusive beats you will be able to release your track in any label / distributor and you'll receive high quality track out stems with documentation.

You can also check my player in "BEATSHOP" on this site. Sometimes I add there some new beats for exclusives.